PLAYED BY: Sabrina

TITLE: Gregory's Cousin, Healer

RACE: Witch


MERITS: Occult Library (Smaller volumes and one larger secreted away in various locations), Ritual Knowledge, Herbalism, Healing (Master)

FLAWS: Curious, Touchy (Needs to have physical contact with others)

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Alexandria Talamasca has been termed as a striking woman with her thick, shoulder length blonde hair that frames an oval face dominated by large, bright green eyes. Standing at 5’9, with a figure that is reminiscent of classic greek sculpture that gives her soft curves and long, shapely legs. Slender hands and supple fingers give her the image of delicacy, but it all hides a will of iron. Moving with an unconscious grace, she is a definite eye catcher.

Alexandria’s tendencies lean toward the casual and comfortable. She can, and does dress well, but she is more concerned with comfort than fashion. Most often she can be seen in clothing that accentuates her form to advantage while conveying a sense of casual disinterest in what she’s wearing.

CHARACTERISTICS: Alex is a fascinating combination of wild child and scholar. This really defines her serious pursuits, men and magic. While she hdoes have other interest, they usually take a back seat to these two loves. Alex can claim to of spent several lifetimes improving her grasp on magic and her abilities, seeking out lost tombs of knowledge and trading spells like cookie recipes.

Even though Alex can claim a blood relationship to the Talamasca royal family, she freely admits that she has little talent for politics )and even less interest), she prefers to let others with the right skills do the boring work while she pursues her own interest. It’s not to say that she doesn’t know who is who, or what is going on at a given time, she usually just doesn’t care unless it has an affect on her or her pursuits. She is still sitting on the fence over Katita, the new Baroness, waiting to see how she handles the days to come before making a decision. She simply doesn’t know enough at this point to make an informed decision.

The other side of Alex’s personality revolves around her healing talents. As one of the few healers within the Talamasca, she holds some statis for the ability, but she rarely takes advantage of it. She heals an injury and takes the cost stowically. This alone is an oddity for Alex, as she is often desiring to be the center of attention in many ways. Her compassionate heart is hidden well under a wicked sense of humor and biting wit, but those who know her well know that she suffers as much as those she must heal and the dedication that she feels for her charges Is sincere

Alex’s final joy is the small business that she has built for herself, "Alexandria’s Alixures," a small company that provides salves, creams and similar products made from 100% natural ingredients that have been in demand for their curitive properties without side effects. She takes some pride in the 12 shops spread out around the city.

HISTORY: The Past - Alexandria Talamasca was born in a small town in the foothills of the great mountain range that separates East from West in the fall of 1268. Both of her parents, Alexis and Nadia Talamasca were the regions "wisewomen," and were an accepted part of the community. The family performed their part for the survival of the community through casting of spells, protections for hunters and passing out wisdom) as both were well into their own third centuries at the time). Alexandria was a lovely child, and ran and played with the other children of the town. In time her mother called her in to begin to learn the arts that she would need to know, thus began her love of learning magics.

Although the inquisitions were taking place south of the village, it never encroached upon young Alex’s life until a witch entered the small town one morning. Alex, now 16 and coming into her beauty, had been left in the village to tend to a sick child while her mother attended the birthing of a young woman outside of the village. Her father had gone out with the hunting party in hopes that his magic would draw in the suddenly decreased number of animals in the surrounding hills. At near noon of that day, Alex’s life would be altered for decades to come. A young man stumbled into the town, feverish and weak with his injuries. As the only one in the area with any healing knowledge, he was brought to Alex, and she began to tend to him. He was a handsome man, a stranger, but with his green eyes, she immediately knew that he was a witch. Her heart opened as she looked into the fevered eyes and knew love for the first time in her young life.

Unable to break his fever, she prayed to the Goddess for aid, begging to give her the strength to help him. The Goddess appeared before her that day, feeling the love in her young heart, and exacted a price in return for her aid, "I will help you Alexandria, but you know that I must maintain a balance. You must accept my offer freely and all that it entails. In exchange for my gift to heal others and relieve suffering, I must have something equally valuable." Alexandria agreed instantly, not thinking of what price she may have to pay as the Goddess took her hand and set it aglow. "Touch and open your heart, and grant this young man health." Alex, in awe of the gift, placed her hands on the chest of the dying man, and their bodies glowed softly. Alexandria’s body slumped, drawing a portion of the injury within her as the fever and wounds were healed instantly.

It was not for several days that Alex would know that part of the price that she would pay would be the loss of her father to inquisitors, his final death while she had been recovering from her first act as a healer. Alex and the stranger, Michael were married by the spring and she lived many happy years with him… until he too was taken from her by the inquisition, forever dead to her.

During the next 200 years, Alex traveled Europe quietly giving her aid and caring for the ill. Eventually, she found herself in the court of King Gregory, where she was told that her father had been a cousin to the king, and therefore cousin as well. The revalation was both a shock and a joy to her as she once again had something of her father.

In the time since then, Alexandria has spent many lives acquiring new spells and arcane knowledge, finding a thirst for both that never seemed to be sated for very long. Although she has been married 3 more times, she has never been able to have children of her own, a lack that sits like a cold stone in her heart.

In time, she again met the royal family of the Talamasca clan, and traveled with them as they moved over the water to America, unintentionally filling the niche of clan healer in the process.

Today, Alex lives in a large corner apartment from which she can see and feel the ocean. She fills her time with her business, her studies and work as a healer within the clan. She still goes out and has fun, but the recent events in the city below concerns her greatly. Her sanctuary grants her a restbit before she has to return to the increasing chaos below.