TITLE: Council Chair, Head of Security, Head of the Chimaera Crime Force

RACE: Human/Psi

HANDS OF POWER: Telepathy (Registered), Clairvoyant (Unregistered)

MERITS: Martial Arts (hard fighting - advanced and firearms), Blind Fighting, Bureaucracy, Enigmas, Security and Law

FLAWS: Troubled Past

HISTORY: The Past - Following in her grandfather and father’s footsteps, Alex joined the police to "bring bad men to their knees". In her grandfather’s time all you needed was your wit and a gun as it was still unknown just how dangerous the Chimaera could be. Now, Alex needs more than that. Lucky for her she has more than that…she’s Psi. Born telepathic, she has the ability to read minds, which is why the Asian secret service recruited her only a year after she became a cop. They recruited her to help police the Chimaera. However, she is also clairvoyant, but it is something she has kept hidden and only a handful of people know.

It was a job she enjoyed until Tokyo, 5 years ago, where over 600 Chimaera were executed. Innocent bystanders that were meant to be a message to the ‘higher ups’ of the Chimaera world who had six months previously massacred over 8000 people in the Venice Jyhad. And she had been the one to help murder those innocents, although she had had no idea what the plans were until it was too late. She had thought she was helping get the ‘bad men’. She left her homeland and the Secret Service after that horrible day in August.

After moving several times and not finding solace anywhere, Alex went to the U.S., where she had visited many times in her life and finally decided to stop running and face her demons and ghosts. Eventually she offered her services to the United Nations, who is supposed to handle things right along side the Council, and they accepted giving her chair on the Council and a position as Head of the Chimaera Crime Force. Now she is more or less the woman in charge of bringing those Chimaera in that break the laws, which more than often means their deaths. Of course such a position has made her a target for many people, including Dominic Diablo and high-profile businessman, Jarrod Prince (though she doesn’t know it yet).

Alex’s investigative methods are sometimes unconventional, as are her ways of bringing suspects in. Her heart has hardened since Tokyo. But it does not mean that she thinks the Chimaera are evil. In fact she believes that both sides are messed up (humans and Chimaera) as they both had a part in that bloody year. She believes it is her duty to help keep balance so Tokyo never happens again. She is also Thomas Gunn's best friend.

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