TITLE: Satinamuh Operative

RACE: Human/Immortal


MERITS: Martial Arts (Hwa Rang Do, Advanced), Calm heart, Awareness

FLAWS: Code of Honor (Hwarang Code), Noteriety

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: An imposing figure, are the terms that you really could not use to describe Aerin to someone who had never met her. At five foot six inches in height, and with a lithe and compact physique, she definitely would not fit that bill. Her body is one that has been conditioned from years of physical training, but her true strength does not lie in power, but in her incredible speed. Brown hair crowns her head and frames her delicate features, showing a contrast against her light medium complexion as it falls to past her shoulders. Chocolatey brown eyes seem to regard everything around her with equal measures of amusement and curiosity. Taste in clothing styles is all about what is needed for what particular moment. Aerin is easily at home wearing jeans and a simple T-shirt, as she is wearing a gown for some high function.

PERSONALITY: An attempt to profile Aerin is a prospect that is spotty at best. It is all a question of times really. If you had tried years ago you might have gotten a very different picture than what you would get now. A few things have remained constant though through her life. She is not bothered in the least by the morality of death. These days she would rather not have to kill, but when ordered to do so, she had no compunctions to do so with an expediency and lack of remorse that could best be termed as chilling. Her ‘it’s all a day at the office’ attitude towards her chosen life would make people think that she is rather amoral, and they would be right for the most part. But painting her as thus would miss the bigger picture that she would represent. She is kind to those around her, and rather generous to a fault sometimes. She loves children although she can not have them, and volunteers at a daycare close to her so she can take care of them. She is intelligent, very inventive, calm and can be on the quiet side, and in a way she is honorable.

Aerin has always had a certain twisted code of honor about her that she has tried to remain true to. It does not always work, but she tries. In more recent times she had decided to supplement her martial training with Hwa Rang Do, and adopted the Hwarang code of behavior as best as she really could given her lifestyle. Aspects of the Hwarang system such as Loyalty, Filial Piety, Trust in Botherhood, Never retreating in the face of the enemy, and never taking a life without a cause, has all become part of her life now. The Hwarang training has tuned the warrior within her, but has also trained her to be a philosopher and healer. It has given her center in a life best termed as chaotic, and allowed her to become restful and quiet. Within quiet becomes nothing, and that is what she attempts to attain, the nothing amidst the chaos. But she would say that it is within nothing that something becomes, and her wrath rests in the silence, waiting to be born again through the will of the council.

HISTORY: The Past - Not much is known about Aerin and where she would have come from. Various people within the Satinamuh have pieced together that she is probably from Europe somewhere, but where and when are questions that are about as elusive as Aerin herself. It is a mystery she likes, and it is one she cultivates. Whether it is for her own protection, or for other less grandiose reasons, she is not speaking. The one thing known for certain though is that she is quite old. They have noted her movements within the Satinamuh for the past four or five centuries at the very least, and it was in 1514 that she was originally approached by the Satinamuh to come work for them. They had heard of her movements from way before then, always in whispers and story, but finding her had always been a problem. The fact that they seemed to be fighting the same battle made them want to approach her, but the sheer brutality of her work that made them decide on taking a rather a soft approach to attempt to recruit her into the fold. This approach served them best in the end as it was non-threatening and non-invasive, but it took three approaches over the next few years to be able to convince her to join their cause. Each time she would vanish without a trace, only to have them begin anew to look for her. It was in Italy in 1516 where she finally joined with the Satinamuh to eradicate the Chimaera that plagued the earth.

Over the years past her official recruitment, she has gone through some five different identities that they know about as she has shifted locales at their behest. In Italy she was known as Caera Ligouri, a courtesan within the Italian courts. While in France she was better known as Amelie Detourne, the daughter of a minor French official whose duties often forced him to travel leaving his daughter alone. She then moved to England where she was known as Molly Carter, a seamstress who made a shabby living in the heart of London. From there the missionary Elizabeth Greene went into Asia, namely Korea and China to be specific, where she received her baptism into fighting arts that would transform the way that she would hunt. After the missionaries died under rather mysterious circumstances, she escaped to America and Canada under the name of Mackenzie White. It was only ten years ago that Mackenzie suffered a most horrible accident, and Aerin Sutherland was born. All the while, in her various locations, she would occasionally get a request to do something special for the Satinamuh.

The Satinamuh know Aerin as being a most trustworthy assassin. The fact that she is more or less freelance so to speak does not change the fact that her reputation in the business is quite solid, albeit rather brutal. Over time she has moved from the position of a mainstream killer for hire, to a cleaner or problem solver of sorts. If everything else fails, she is called in for the job. When not ‘active’ so to speak, she loves all things historical, and has begun to compile small historical writings here and there just for fun. One of her favorite works has been finding things out about a mysterious Satinamuh assassin named Jin. Some ten years ago she moved to Los-Angeles to obtain some information from a private collection on this mysterious Jin, and what she found is something she does not talk about to anyone. While there though she found another discovery that peaked her interest, and she began training in earnest in a martial art called Hwa Rang Do. A fighting art that she had run into by accident in Korea some two centuries before. Her training in Kung Fu had prepared her for what she was about to get involved with, but it never prepared her for the sheer complexity of what Hwa Rang Do represented.

There were four completely different schools of training she had to get involved with. One involved the external elements that everyone knew martial artists for, one for weapons, one for healing, and the last is what would change her life forever, mental training. It was Lao-Tzu who said once that “One who conquers others is strong; One who conquers oneself is mighty”. She was a very good and efficient killer, but conquering herself was a feat that she found that she could not even accomplish no matter how hard she tried. The training was not only about martial arts any more, it was about her mind, and so she got into philosophy and higher learning to expand her mind. Some seven or eight years of training took her into some of the more advanced concepts of the art, and then one of the teachers got too close to finding out about the truth about what she was, and so she vanished from Los-Angeles without a trace. But it was an experience that would change her and the way she would act forever. She now had a system to live her life by, something to believe in, something to see life through. The cold-blooded warrior had turned philosopher, and out of chaos had come form and stillness.

THE TRUTH: Once upon a time there was a large kingdom that was a jewel in many other kingdom’s eyes. A fair but harsh ruler ruled the kingdom, and by his side was a woman who could predict aspects of the future. With her sight, he took care of his people, won what wars he had to, and the kingdom prospered. Until one day she saw her own demise at the hands of darkness that was coming, and with her fall would come the fall of her beloved kingdom. She could not let the kingdom fall, and since she was the lynchpin to its fall, she had powerful magics cast upon her to protect her from harm. The problem was, that it was those very magics that had acted as a beacon to the very monsters that she was trying to protect herself from. And the kingdom fell.

Such is a story told about the art of divination. What you see is an echo, but it does not necessarily mean that it is going to become the present. The poor woman of the story became a sad reminder that you sometimes make the very future you try to avoid. The thing with the story is that no one believed it to be true. It is just a story after all to show divinators what not to do. Isn’t it?

The truth is that the story was true. The kingdom’s name, its location, the king, and the woman have all been lost to antiquity. Being just a silly story about how divination can go wrong, very few really make the attempt to piece together the truth behind the story. From those that do try to find that truth, even fewer make it to the conclusion. The woman did fall to the darkness she feared. She was controlled to assist in the kingdom’s downfall, and when it was burning, she was raped rather brutally, and then got to watch as her entire family was more or less dissected in front of her. They would find that she then prayed to her gods that they grant her vengeance. She would give them anything they wanted, if they gave her her vengeance. So they took her second sight, and granted her immortality to do what she needed to do to get it done. Then the story would go how she went on to hunt down those responsible, and she killed them, killed their families, kill their friends, their neighbors, anyone that was close to them. One by one she killed them all in a massacre of flame and blood that would only be termed as legendary. All her killings were signed, in blood, by a name that her gods gave her so that the monsters knew she was coming. Jin. When it was all done, when her vengeance had been had, this mysterious and faceless Jin had vanished from the face of the earth without a trace. She would be covered up through antiquity and it would be that a plague had crept up and killed all those people. But it was a plague that had happened more than once in history, and it had always been easier to look at a more pleasant explanation rather than the name attached to it all. But it is a story that could not hold any basis in truth, for how could one person have possibly been involved in all of that. It is preposterous. It had to be a group of people. It had to be some ghost story that the Satinamuh wants the Chimaera to believe in. And it is a story that Aerin cultivates into the myth that it obviously has to be, because she does not want anyone to know who she really is, when she is sent for them.