TITLE: Childe of Katrina Diablo, New Queen of the Diablo Clan

RACE: Kindred

HANDS OF POWER: Mother Earth

MERITS: Blind Fighting, Linguistics (French and Latin), Seduction

FLAWS: Hatred, Overconfident, Curiosity

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Adriana stands about 5'8 in height with long straight brown hair. She has deep mysterious brown eyes they seem to hold the secrets of the world. She has a grace to her body movements that make many men drool. She has scars on her arms and legs from when she was sentenced to death. She has a face and body men would die to possess and many have. She has seduced and one many hearts but no one has managed to steal hers.

CHARACTERISTICS: She is a very strong-willed woman. Circumstances have made her this way nearly getting killed makes life seem all the more precious. Although Adriana seems to have a death wish she has been lately seen skydiving and other numerous deadly games. Although the game she is currently entering could be the most dangerous she's ever played.

PERSONALITY: Adriana is a very fiery lonely young woman. Her hand of power gives her the misconception that she is invincible. However she is not what she is is a skilled fighter. She is lucky in fights because she can blindly fight. She is also very useful as a translator. She speaks English, French, and Latin. Katrina taught her both English and Latin. When Adriana gets angry you can hear the slight lilt her french accent gives to her voice. She has a very sharp temper. She also hates the Talamascans with a burning hatred. After all they killed the woman who was both mother and mentor to her. She will stop at nothing to see that Katita is punished for killing Katrina. Adriana will seduce, manipulate or anything she possibly can to get what she wants. Her curiosity also makes her a target in the deadly web she weaves. She is forever just doing things to see the ultimate reaction. She is very intelligent and as they say curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought it back.

HISTORY: The Past - Adriana was born the daughter of a French painter in 1801 Her mother died when Adriana was five giving birth to Adriana's brother. Adriana raised her little brother because after her mother died her father became emotionally absent. When Adriana was twenty she met a man named Geoffrey. Geoffrey was a vampire and shortly thereafter he sired Adriana. Unfortunately for the both of them Geoffrey did not ask for permission of the Prince for the Territory. Geoffrey and Adriana were sentenced to death. However Katrina Diablo took pity on Adriana and rescued her by placing another girl near death in her place. For the next seventy years Katrina taught Adriana all that she needed to know about being a Diablo. Katrina and Adriana developed a bond like mother and daughter. Adriana who had never had a mother and Katrina who never had a daughter treated each other like family. And when Katrina left to join Dominic she asked if Adriana would come. Adriana refused and decided to make a life on her own. Adriana used her power to sleep for twenty of the ninety -two years that she was by herself. Adriana and Katrina saw each other occasionally during that period of time. Adriana is somewhat of the consummate bad ass. Adriana is also very pissed that Katrina was murdered. She is coming back to make sure that Katrina's death avenged properly and if she doesn't think that its good enough she just might take it into her own hands.

The Present - Coming Soon.