Find one that suits you.  Due to real life or inactivity, these are specific ranks or canon characters that are integral to our plot.  Some may have an existing profile, but if it is not to your liking then you are more than welcome to make it your own to suit your personality and playing needs.  You could also create a new one all together if you would like.  In either case, we really need these positions filled.

KINDRED (Vampires)
Gitanne's Middle Sister:  Part of the ruling family; daywalker; heavy magic ties; hasn't chosen sides as of yet; stays neutral and tends to have more loyalty to the Chimaera as a whole rather than just to her kind or her clan if forced to choose.  Currently: ANTIGONE (Salma Hayek)

Any members:  The Diablo clan rules the underbelly of society, the things that polite people refuse to talk about; Adriana recently took the throne after Dominic's death, but there are always upstarts; Looking for those who are loyal and those who are willing to stir up even more trouble.  Aren't politics and intrigue fun?

King of the Giovanni:  Oldest living vampire and the most powerful; tends to stay neutral when it comes to politics; seen as a peacekeeper; whomever can sway Nicholas rules the Chimaera as a whole; was very close to the late King Marius; supports his childe and daughter Gia because of this friendship.  Currently: NICHOLAS (Patrick Stewart)

Queen of the Giovanni: Lady of Chimaeran society; other than her husband, she is the oldest living vampire; is willing to more than her husband to keep her family safe; indulges her son.  Currently: MARIE (Grace Kelly)


Maeve's Daughter: heiress to the Seelie throne; detests Roarke and the Dark Court; seems fragile and fair, but has both power and an agenda; vows to find her father's killer. Currently: LILY (Mia Sara)

Captain of the Guard:  Was one of the Roarke Bellemorte's protégés; Maeve's sometime lover and possible future consort and King. Currently: ROHAN (Julian McMahon)

Various Seelie Characters

Various Unseelie Characters:  male or female; some who fully support Roarke fully and others who believe that his consort Nastassia may be correct and are willing to push/persuade and possibly even force Roarke towards the right direction


King:  father of Natalie and Dante; trying to prevent his daughter from dying; wants nothing but the best for his family; unwilling to go to bar with the Diablo; has the closest ties to humanity.  Currently: GREGORY (Anthony Hopkins)

Various Talamasca Characters: male or female; some who support a war with the Diablo and others who do not; some who support the new Baroness and others who do not; Hands of Power are tied to the elements.


FERANTI (Witches - Necromancers)
Various Feranti Characters: male or female; some who are loyal to Bethany Feranti and others who are loyal to the current leader; all are necromancer and have diablerized another Chimaera at some point so have to deal with another's memories and powers; a clan to be feared if they make a bid for power.


Various Cats: Nimir-Ra (Mate of Prince of Cats/Leopards); Regina/Rex (Leaders of the Lions)

Various Wolves:  Bolverk (dark assassin of the pack); Fenrir (official challenger to the Ulfric); Geri (Ulfric's Captains/Seconds, Doyle is the first); Lupa (Ulfric's mate; dominant female)

Various Shaepshifters:
Birds, Reptiles, Bears, Rats, Bats, Etc


Head of the Security for the Council:
  female; former cop; psychic; also a Council chair; head of the Chimaeran Crime Force and best friends with Thomas Gunn.  Currently: ALEX NGUYEN (Michelle Yeoh)

Council Chair:  A man who is out for his own interests and no other; on Humanity's side if only so he can rule it; employs Charlie Bennett to steal objects of power for him. Currently: JARROD PRINCE (Jeremy Irons)

Various Council Chairs:
male or female; 2 politicians, 2 non Politicians; two of these chairs are Psions (one out in the open, the other keeping their powers secret).

Various Psions: male or female.


SHADOWS  (Clanless or the Big Bads)
Current Host of Ba-ali:
  demon who has been whispering into Medea Noblesse's ear, telling her that she will be the next Queen. No profile exists.


THE RAVENS (Guards/Army of the Current Chimaeran Leader)

Captain of Darian's New Guard:  Gia's childe and former lover; ex-husband to Kara who sided with Gitanne; Captain of the Guard now for Darian. Currently: GRAYSON (Ben Browder)

Other Ravens: 7 male/2 female; No profile exists, so they can be created from the ground up. Currently: ALEXANDER (Sean Bean), ANTONIO (Antonio Banderas), ASH (Naveen Andrews), CONCHENN (Kristanna Loken), JEREMY (Jason Momoa), NERYS (Michelle Rodriguez), PASCAL (Simon Baker), TAKESHI (Takeshi Kaneshiro), UTHER (Dominic Purcell) Can be of any race; all were loyal to Marius.

Kara:  Ex-wife to Darian's Captain of the guard; bit of a spitfire; Frost's Younger Sister. (Claudia Black)

Marius's Captain of the Guard: mentor to Gia and the other Ravens; resumed his Captain post when they all thought Amatheon had died; would like nothing more than to kill Darian for he sees her as a traitor now, not the good friend she once was.  Currently: CLAY (Sam Elliott)

Other Ravens: 5 male/1 female; Currently: CIARAN (Jared Leto), EAMON (Rupert Everett), JACINTH (Taye Diggs), RONIN (Ken Watanabe), ROSENWYN (Gina Torres), MICHAEL (Ryan Reynolds...sarcastic son of a bitch) Can be of any race; all were loyal to Marius.

Raven:  male; hasn't chosen sides; gone into hiding; his vote could change everything. Currently: DANIEL (Michael Shanks)