Name:  Morrigan / Morrighan / Morrigu / Morgan / 'Great Queen'/'Phantom Queen'
Father: Aed Ernmas
Associated Dieties:  Fea (Hateful), Badbh (Fury),  Nemon (Venomous) Macha (Battle)  
Properties: Goddess of War, Life & Death
Animal: Crow/Raven
Element: Earth 
Realm: The North (Land of the Dead)
Trees: Yew and Willow

The Morrigan, also known as Morrigan, Morrígu, Mórríghan, Mór-Ríogain is a figure from Celtic mythology. Her name translates to either Phantom Queen or the Great Queen.  Sometimes she appears as a single goddess and other times a triple goddess (Badb and either Macha or Nemain)  She is one of the legendary Tuatha De Danann and often appears as a crow or with crows.  She helped defeat the dreaded Firbolg at the First Battle of Mag Tuireadh and the Fomorians at the Second Battle of Mag Tuireadh.

Morrigan is both a goddess of death and life. She can appear as both a beautiful woman and a haggard crone. Most notably she is a war goddess and in many cases she appears before a death or to escort the deceased.  Perhaps it is why she The Morrigan is often compared to the Norse Valkyries. Both can either help or hinder warriors and choose who will die.

The hero Cúchulainn's divine grandfather the Dagda made love to the Morrigan in a story of creation and conflict.   Cúchulainn  himself encountered the Morrigan in a variety of forms, she appeared as a woman with streaming long red hair, red eyebrows, wearing a long red cloak and carrying a grey spear riding in a chariot. 

She could change her shape at will.   Cúchulainn did not recognize her as a goddess and spurned her amorous intentions she then harassed him in battle in the form of  a heifer, and then an eel, and then as a wolf. She also appeared as an old crone. Her most well recognized form was that of a black crow who was her totem bird.