"Just because I don't like to fight, doesn't mean I can't."

Name: Methos
Aliases: Adam Pierson, Benjamin Adams, Death, Remus, Caratarix, Haribu, Et-Maru, Metopholus
Race: Human/Immortal
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Hazel/Green
Age: 5000+
Born: 3000 BCE
Immortality: 3000 BCE
Affiliations: Watchers, Duncan MacLeod, Joe Dawson, Amanda
Past Affiliations: The Four Horseman of the Apocalypse, Percy and Mary Shelley, Butch Cassidy, The Sundance Kid, Don Salzer, Alexa Bond, Byron, Richie Ryan
Mentors: Pharaoh Djer, Donald Salzer
Weapons: Ivanhoe Sword
Watchers: Jesse Benoit, Timothy Wyatt
Status: Alive and Kicking
Portrayed By: Peter Wingfield
Movies: Highlander 4 & 5
Highlander Seasons: 3-6

Originally the character of Methos was to be a one shot deal in the Highlander series.  However, it turned into four years of
regular appearances, in which Methos became one of the most popular characters on the series. It was initially intended that he would be killed at the end of season 3 in the "Finalé" two-parter, but the writers saw potential in the character, and kept him.


Methos is the mythical 'oldest' immortal who has seen the rise and fall of civilizations and empires.  He is at least 5000 years old, but the true location and year of his birth is unknown because he, himself, cannot remember. Or at least, so he says.

It is guessed that he was born in ancient Mesopotamia or ancient Egypt around 3000 BC. He was the second son of three boys and two girls, and he lived with his family. When he was approximately 28 years old, he died when a sandstorm trapped him and his family. Though his family died, Methos became Immortal. For years he wandered, ignorant of his immortality. Many people thought he was a demon, some even a god, and tried to kill him over and over again. By the time he was an estimated 603 years old, he took his first Quickening. He then realized that there were many Immortals besides himself, and he started to learn about The Game.

He claims to have met and befriended quite a few influential people in history, including Helen of Troy, Socrates, Julius Caesar, Byron, Percy and Mary Shelley, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, and graced the stage with the Rolling Stones. But his past is not just full of natable names. He was also one of the the Four Horseman, who may have inspired the biblical Four Horseman of the Apocolypse. When his friend and fellow immortal Duncan MacLeod learned of this past, it put an end to their friendship. Though Duncan may live in a world of black and white, Methos lives in the gray area in between.

Quite often he has used the name 'Adam' in most of his aliases as an inside joke, because he was amused that people referred to him as the oldest man. One such alias was 'Adam Pierson'. Under this guise he 'uncovered' the 'Methos Chronicles' for the Watcher Organization. These chronicles were journals he has been keeping since he can remember. In order to prevent the discovery of his true existence, he volunteered to study the Chronicles. In so doing, he was able to prevent discovery of the true Methos, and keep tabs on other Immortals that he preferred to avoid. Methos tried to be unseen by pretending to study the Chronicles of Methos, and became somewhat of an off-field agent for the Watchers. Of course everything comes to an end evntually, and he quickly found himself 'outed'.

Charming, Witty, Sharp minded, and full of good humor are attributes many have given Methos. But then again, so are arrogrant, manipulative, and weak. Most people consider Methos to be weak, because he always avoided a battle, or even any Immortals close by, and tended to be paranoid unless there was a good reason to stick around. He even hid his sword under his bed, and sometimes carried a handgun. Some say that his behavior seemed unusual for an Immortal; he would hardly participate in The Game, and just continued his life, travelling around the world, appearing here and there whenever he liked. Whenever there was a great danger nearby, he suddenly disappeared for years until he came back again like nothing ever happened. He preferred, however, to observe rather than fight. This wasn't a sign of weakness. In fact many argue that he may be one of the strongest Immortals, though not in a physical or fighting-technique way, but more in a strategy-and-survival way. He claimed once he hadn't felt guilt since the 1100s, but he did regret some of the things he'd done in the past. As Methos himself once said, "Just because I don't like to fight doesn't mean that I can't". And when he had to, he was one of the strongest adversaries.

He enjoys Bruce Springsteen and Queen, abhors opera music, and tends to lead an expensive lifestyle. He collects things, mostly antiques and modern art, that many people considered to be junk. He thought some of the "junk" could be his from earlier times. He considers himself to be a peaceful and regular guy who drinks beer at the bar with his friends. Albeit a regular guy who know one can seem to decipher. He's easy going, but serious when needed. And his loyalty has been questioned several times. According to Methos, he has been married 68 times — never to an Immortal, however, because according to him, it would be too much of a commitment.



» It's good to be a myth.
» What better place to hide? I'm in charge of finding myself and I make sure it never happens.
» Remember, Highlander, live, grow stronger. Fight another day.
» What do you expect? Einstein? Freud? Buddha? Sorry Joe, I'm just a guy
» I've got a lot to offer. Five thousand years of history, Joe. I was there.
» Why would I tell the truth?
» I was in Rome once. 93 AD, the Coliseum.  I saw Christians facing the lions. Some of them looked almost happy to die for their faith. Then afterwards, the only ones looking happy were the lions.
» If you die, Amanda will be free to date.
» Only you and Joe know that I'm Methos the immortal - to the rest of the world I'm still Adam Pierson, mind mannered watcher.
» Not only are you naive, now you are weaponless. How have you lived this long?
» Great! You knock me on my bum because I made a bad joke. Very macho.
» How could he? She's got him tingling in places he didn't even know he had.
» A couple of medieval song writers came up with the idea of chivalry one rainy day and you embrace it as a lifestyle. You live and die by a code of honor that was TRENDY when you were a kid.
» First you dump her, then you turn your back on her? Talk about the blind leading the visually challenged.
» A man born long before the age of chivalry. Pick it up.
» Excuse me, if I sat at a table would you be my waitress?
» Paris is too full of Parisians. Even the French don't like Paris.
» Cute. I can do cute.
» I see I leave you speechless.  This is an excellent start.
» To - dinner, a film, a concert, a smile, a sunset, a walk, all of the above, whatever you would like.
» Lucky guess. Or else I've become horribly predictable.
» Because the alternative is unthinkable.
» It's because you think I'm English. It's my accent. Now, I don't have to be English, I can be - Russian.
» You spend whatever time you have left dying, or you spend it living. With me.
» I'm too old for this.
» Yeah, from the moment I saw her. Is that supposed to make it easier? Is that supposed to make it OK? If there is one chance that I can save her, then I have to try.
» You understand nothing. Three weeks ago, we were standing on a beach on Santorini watching the sunrise on the Mediterranean. Now she is  lying in a hospital in Switzerland BREATHING through a TUBE.  You think it takes courage to do what we do? Face another immortal with a sword knowing only one of you will live? YOU TRY BEING HER! You try living one year knowing your time is running out. Knowing that when it comes to the final fight, however much you train, whatever tricks you have, you STILL LOSE. That's the way it is for them.  So little TIME for them to SEE anything or DO anything.
» I haven't seen a vault this tough since I rode with Butch and Sundance.
» So lure him outside and take his head. Problem solved.
» No, I got distracted. Found some texts on first century Chinese apothecaries and couldn't put them down.
» It's a human trait. We remember things the way we wish they'd been. We rewrite history so we can live with it. Ask the Russians. Or for that matter, the Americans, or the British.
» I wouldn't stay at any hotel that Adam Pierson could afford.
» I was married once you know. Come to think of it, I was married 67 - no - 68 times. Never to one of us, though. That would be much of a commitment for me to make.
» It's finally happened. You've lost your mind.
» You're wasting your time. I haven't felt guilt since the 11th century.
» Yeah, but I want to see ME live happily ever after even more.
» Great! So I lose my head after 5000 years so that you can play marriage guidance counselor! I must have been out of my mind!
» No, if I'm going to die, you're going to pay me for it. Gimme the keys.
» My chair now!
» Ohh, I dunno. Pretty funny from here.
» I've spent years losing my conscience only to have him go and find it again.
» Does the term self-preservation mean anything to you, MacLeod?
» Look at that. Watchers afraid they are going to be killed, holed up in a funeral home. Is it just me or is there some cosmic irony in that?
» One speech from the Wise One, and you forgive Culbraith. I mean, what's next? Friendship rings, the Love Boat?
» I think I'll go look at the graffiti in the men's room.
» When she carries a sword and we haven't been formally introduced, I get shy.
» Oh, look at this. There's an exhibition of Greek antiquities. Listen, some of this stuff could be mine!
» Come on, man, you're not buying into that tawdry little guilt-induced melodrama.
» Well, not exactly funny, but, um, pretty entertaining, yeah.
» Whatever you need - lawyer, doctor, Indian chief - I've got paperwork to cover it all.
» Well, who the hell is Chubby Checker in the grand scheme of things anyway? I mean, I know how tall Nero was, I know Caesar's favorite food, I know Helen of Troy didn't have that great a face and it only launched a hundred ships not a thousand.
» You live because I wish it, and you stay alive as long as you please me.
» I am Methos. You live to serve me. Never forget that.
» Yes. Is that what you want to hear? Killing was all I knew. Is THAT what you want to hear? No! It's not enough! I killed - but I didn't just kill fifty, I didn't kill a hundred, I killed a thousand.  I killed TEN THOUSAND. And I was good at it. And it wasn't for vengeance, it wasn't for greed, it was because - I liked it. Cassandra was nothing. Her village was nothing. Do you know who I was? I was Death. Death on a horse. When mothers warned their children that the monster would get them, that monster was me. I was the nightmare that kept them awake at night. Is THAT what you want to hear? The answer is yes. Oh, yes.
» It gives new meaning to the phrase ‘dream team'.
» Have you read Aristotle's Poetics? No of course not, you haven't even seen Casablanca. What is the first rule of great drama? Start small, and build. A fountain to get their attention. Then, a public pool, to kill a hundred. Then, a stadium, to kill ten thousand, then - one drop of the virus in the city's water supply. Within a week ...
» Why'd you think I didn't tell you? I knew how you'd react. What I've done, you can't forgive. That's not in your nature. Will you accept it!?
» I killed Silas! I LIKED Silas!
» I wanted to. But we were brothers. In arms, in blood, in everything except birth, and if I judged him worthy to die then I judged myself the same way. And I wanted to live. I still do.
» One of a thousand regrets, MacLeod, one of a thousand regrets.
» Do you want to knock a bit louder? I don't think they heard you in Philadelphia.
» Oh, me, no. Just scholarly interest. I just came by to watch the perfect immortal die.
» We are all both. Good and evil. We have rage and compassion. We have love and hate. Murder and forgiveness. Why don't you try forgiving yourself, for once?
» Still lacerating the help, I see.
» You're not listening to me, I don't want a tombstone.
» Blind loyalty, very common in the young.
» I don't want to hunt him - I want to keep the hell away from him.
» Who's counting? I'm not counting. It's eleven, anyway.
» If you don't want to confide in me, that's OK. Don't let the fact that I saved your life influence you in any way.
» Do you know we actually make a really good team.  Like Scully and Mulder.  Sipowitz and Simone.  Caligula and Incitatus.  Well, not Incitatus, cause he was a horse.
» Just because I don't LIKE to fight, doesn't mean that I CAN'T.
» Course I knew ... And whenever you lie, you do this weird thing with your face.
» Don't go MacLeod. It's a trap MacLeod. MacLeod, your pants are on fire. It doesn't matter what I say, does it?
» What are you going to tell them? That I'm an immortal and that I've been masquerading as a watcher all these years? They're not going to like that. They are not going to throw me a party.
» You should see me at Halloween.