An aspect of the triple goddess, the Maiden represents many things: childhood, awakening, enchantment, inception, passion, youth, excitement and the female principle. She is both innocent and seductive. Some Maiden goddesses include: Brighid, Persephone, Nimue, Dirga and Artemis to name a few. For more information please go to the about page.


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In ancient Indo-European mythologies, various goddesses or demi-goddesses appear as a trinity or triad, either as three separate beings who always appear as a group (the Greek Moirae, Charites, Erinnyes and the Norse Norns) or as a single deity who is commonly depicted in three aspects.  The triple goddess is divided into the Maiden (pure and a representation of new beginnings), the Mother (wellspring of life, giving and compassionate) and The Crone (wise, knowing and a culmination of a lifetime of experience).  These aspects also represent the cycle of birth, life and death. They also represent the aspects of the moon: new moon, full moon and old moon.

The Maiden is the youngest aspect of the Goddess, related with discovery and most creative aspects of our personality. She is the innocence and lack of worries, the joy of living. She is associated with Spring and beginnings. The Maiden is the beginner, the child, the adolescent and the woman in full bloom. She is the one who helps women make their own choices.  The Maiden is the Virgin - but not *a* virgin.  Instead of a definition in which she is without sexual knowledge, we look to one in which she retains her own independence, beholden to no other (male or female).  The Maiden represents things ripening.  She represents innocence, curiosity,  youth, enchantment and beauty.  The Maiden is usually associated the colors white and pink, and flowers, especially the wild and/or white ones. The animals associated with her are owl, deer or any other wild animal.

Some Maiden examples are: Nimue, Brighid, Artemis, Diana, Persephone, Kore, Chalchihuitlicue, Hecate, the Morrigan, Bleudowedd, Ariadne, Hestia, Athena, Dictynna, Aphrodite, Minerva, and Venus.