" No, because every time I mention this vampire stuff you act like I am crazy. Now there is two possibilities for that... number one...you don't believe that they're real...and number two...you know they are."
-Frank Kohanek

Kindred: The Embraced was a dark and seductive show that revolved around the lives and loves of the vampire society of San Francisco. With a fantastic ensemble cast Kindred really deserved to last longer than its 8 episode run. Based on the book, "Vampire:The Masquerade" by Mark Rein-Hagen, the show set out to be a hybrid between gothic and nightime soap.

The story itself centered around five clans of vampires that were fighting to control modern day San Francisco: The Ventrue (the aristocrats), The Brujah (thuggish mobsters), The Gangrel (nomadic loners), The Nosferatu (shadowy, disfigured and like the vampires of legend) and The Torreador (the artists). They live among humans and interact as if they were human. In fact as Julian Luna once said, "We are all around you."

The Ventrue clan, ruled by Julian Luna (the late Mark Frankel), held the most power among the five clans. Luna was the Prince of the city, and the other clan's leaders form the Conclave, a ruling council. The Conclave's main rule was to govern the rest of the clans and to maintain the Masquerade. The Masquerade itself was a set of rules, the most important being that their true nature was to be kept hidden from humans. To break such a code was to mean a Blood Hunt and your Final Death.

Frank Kohanek (C. Thomas Howell), a police officer and a human, discovered the masquerade and was determined to bring down Julian Luna (The late Mark Frankel) whom he believed was to blame for the death of his girlfriend Alexandra who was Kindred. Luna, was Prince of the City and he reigned over all of the clans. He tried to keep the masquerade intact and fight off would be usurpers like Eddie Fiori (Brian Thompson) of the Brujah clan even as he was being drawn romantically to a human reporter (Kelly Rutherford).

Kindred: The Embraced had the potential to be a cult hit. But unfortunately its lead, Mark Frankel, was killed in a motorcycle accident and ultimately halted any chances to continue. Its fans remain though for a clever, dark and sensually fun TV show about vampires.

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