Welcome to Dungeon Master, the official Dungeons and Dragons RPG Fanlisting.  Yes, all of you dice wielding, table top playing fans out there...this is for you.


--- rules ---

I am not a big one on rules, but there are a few:

• Obviously you must love D&D, that’s kind of a gimmie.

• You don’t necessarily have to have a website, or even an email address, though I am thinking you have at least one of these if you are even visiting here. If you do have a website, Please add a button or text link back here on your website as soon or before you fl out the form to join. Buttons are great.  Show your appreciation with pride. Plus I won't link your site if you don't link mine. Fair's fair.

• Have a nice site.  No hate, racism, porn, etc sites will be allowed to join.  Mira would not approve at all.

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- - codes - -

So you’ve joined Dungeon Master.  Good for you.  You have impeccable taste.  Now if you have read the rules (Go and read them now if you *ahem* skipped that part) and you listed a webpage, you MUST put one of our codes on your page or provide a text link back.  As you have read on the form, I will be checking before I post you as a member and will not add your link to your site if you do not do the same for me. Besides who wouldn’t want to show their pride in loving such a cool gaming system. And remember no direct linking.  Very bad, so save the images to your server. Please be sure to link all buttons or links back to: http://www.tempestdesigns.com/dungeons

text links:
(just copy and paste)

I love D&D
D&D Gamer
Dungeon Master
Dice Wielder



If you would like to submit a button feel free or would like a different size, please let me know.

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Do you have a webpage? If so, what's the address and Name:

Where is the code:

What are you (cleric, sorcerer, bard, warrior, etc) :


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