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Cristina U the Barbarian || KARMIC BACKSLASH
Ronaru the Warrior || RONARU'S DEN
ZoX the Bard

Adrian A the Dungeon Master
Aramil the Bard
Archie A the Rogue
Buffy the Paladin
Drave the Warrior
EL the Sorcerer || OBSESSION
Eufemio B
the Sorcerer
Francistadeo the Sorcerer
Goy the Paladin
James the Sorcerer
Jason the Warrior
John D the Fighter/Sorcerer
Jonson M the Wizard
Joseph Y. the Sorcerer
Kate G the Cleric
Lymor Rotkiv Oniqua the Wizard
Mamart143 the Warrior
Mark G the Warrior
Mary B the Sorcerer
Melveen  the Ranger
Mic the Samurai Assassin
Nathiel_Solanis the Rogue
Nayr the Droid
onin the Fighter
Sands the Warrior

Alberto L the Elven Thief || BEEN THERE, DONE THAT
Canis M the Bard
Hine the Sorcerer || DEAD IN THE WATER
Infested the Chaotic Evil Human/Necromancer
Kain the Bane Cleric || END-OF-THE-WORD
Lucas the Monk
Oriko the Ranger/Bard 
Pavel-kun the Scout
Radek the Warrior
Selene the Elven Thief/Ranger
Silatham the Sorcerer
Tamira Silverwolf the Warrior Ranger
Tana the Dungeon Master
Tordis the Assassin
Zellas the Rogue || VIRTUAL-SPIRIT

JBulletZ the Warrior
Moh K the Warrior
Oliveira the Half-Elven Wizard/Bard
Sofia the Ranger
XoriXo the Warrior

Cano the Blind Half-Elf Fighter/Psion
Jose the Warrior
Mara the Sorcerer
Nori the White Dragon Elf  || BLACK ANGEL WINGS
Quique the Druid
Shira the Elf Wizard

Box the Ranger
Cioc the Ranger
OBSGAT The DCCAMN the Sorcerer

Alexander the Cleric
Andrew the Dungeon Master
Andrew McLeod the Sorcerer
Brian the Warrior
Devin the Warrior
Diggiy the Warrior
Dylan R the Mage
Rednaxela the Ranger
Tarja the White Dragon Elf
Yimmany the Barbarian
Warhorse120 the Elf Assassin

Luka P the Dungeon Master
Tasic A the Warrior/Thief

Brainlesnake the Cleric
Ekman Tjan the Warrior
Ian Low the Warrior
Icezus the Warrior
Raijirou T the Cleric
Russell Wong Jun Sean the Rogue Assassin
Zlolz the Bard

Luka the Dungeon Master
Sava the Sorceress || CATNIP

Ajay the Warrior
Jared Thompson the Fighter
Mary Read the Sorcerer
Pure_Acid the Sorcerer
Shaun Edley the Dungeon Master

Cookies no Kami the Cleric || EL HUMO DE MI PIPA
Elwing the Warrior || UNTITLED
Garnet the Mage || DREAMER GIRL
Jael the Sorcerer
Juan the Sorcerer
Kotobuki the Thief || MANIAC
Natharell the Warrior || EL ESCRITORIO
Tom K the Warrior
Troy C the Sorcerer

Aratlhach the Wizard
Claudia the Warrior/Sorcerer
Strixen the Hexblade
Uneral_Ch the Dwarf
Vargsyster the Ranger || VARGSYSTERS MEMOARER

Indria the Ranger
Ruhi the Sorcerer


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