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Esteban the Ranger
Freyja the Warrior || FREYJA-ART
Gaspar L. the Warrior
Jero the Paladin
Mariano the Sorcerer
Rafa the Sorcerer
SebastŠn Martin Urbina the Sorcerer

Aaron the Dungeon Master
Acacia N the Sorcerer
Akari the Ninja
Alastair the Bard
Alex the Wizard
Andy the Dungeon Master
Artemis Bornstein the Barbarian
Bob the Bard
Bradly the Cleric
Camex the Warrior
Chad the Sorcerer
Chris the Paladin
Cody B the Rogue
Cooper S the Sorcerer
Corey the Warrior
Craig K the Ranger/Mage
Dale the Warrior
Daniel the Warrior
Daniel the Sorcerer
Dante the Rogue
Dave the Warrior
Davide the Sorcerer
Dee the Elven Rogue || VOID STAR
Denver the Fighter
George the Sorcerer
Great One the Wizard
Holden93 the Warrior
Ili the Bard
Iliascool300 the Samurai
Jacob the Evil Diseased Paladin
Jacob the Sorcerer
Jake the Warriors
Jake the Warrior
Jamal the Archer
Jeracoo L the Dungeon Master
Jeremiah B the Ranger
Jesse the Dungeon Master
Jordan the Sorcerer
Josh B the Cleric
Joshua B the Elven Wizard
Kacielle the Night Elf
Kashiichan the Rogue
Kemi the Rogue
KillZone93 the Cleric
Kristie the Ranger
Kyle the Sorcerer
Kym P the Sorcerer
Legolas the Archer
Lestat the Vampire
Liam Er the Sorcerer
Luke M the Warrior
Lukescape10 the Hunter
Lydia the Dungeon Master
Mat the Dungeon Master
Matt the Ranger
Mick the Warrior
Mrbean777 the Warrior
Nicholas the Warrior
Nicholas M the Warrior
Oliver the Sorcerer
Omega_seraphim the Cleric
Quagmire the Sorcerer
Regdar 1 the Warrior
Rhoden22 the Ranger
Robert the Sorcerer
Rose the Dungeon Master
Ryan the Ranger
Serephine the Sorceress
Sesame the Sorcerer
Shaggy M the Sorcerer
Sir Lar the Sorcerer
Sub-zero the Warrior
Tim the Rogue
Timothy H the Rogue
Toph the Bard
Trent the Sorcerer
Tristan the Dwarven Fighter
Wargear the Sorcerer
Werepyre the Warrior
Whitey the Warrior
Zuzo the Warrior

the Ranger || UNTITLED

Isiah W the Mage
Keith M the Cleric/Mage

the Warrior
Davey F the Wizard
Joran the Sorcerer
Kolof the Sorcerer
Lynx the Sorcerer
Ronny the Warrior
Videl~Noah the Psion

Andre Luiz Costa
the Barbarian
Arashi the Cleric || FLEUR'S DIARY
the Elven Sorcerer
the Dungeon Master || A FILHA DO FEITICEIRO
Davi the Warrior
Diego de Carvalho the Sorcerer
the Sorcerer
the Dungeon Master || LAST-SONG.NET
the Bard
Jssika the Warrior
Laura the Druid || LA LA's BLOG
Paulo Rocha the Warrior
Pedro the Warrior
Sir Slain Nolorcan the Thief
Tatiana the Necromancer Warrior || ACID BURN
the Roque || ONE IN A MILLION
Youric Von S„o Paulo the Death Knight

the Dungeon Master
Teodor the Warlock

Adam the Warrior Priest
Adrian the Ranger
Adrian Emmanuel
the Wizard
AJ the Shifter
Alexandre Leblanc
the Warrior
Allan Kipp
the Sorcerer
Amanda Vandekerckhove
the Kender Cleric
Andrew the Rogue
Andrew Warriner the Dwarf
Austin the Warrior
Austin the Warrior
Becka the Dungeon Master || CHRONO TRIGGER II
Billy Li the Paladin
Blake McD the Fighter
Brandon the Paladin
Brandon the Sorcerer
Brett the Bard
Bruce the Warrior
Camille the Bard/Rogue
Caz the Warrior
Cecil the Warrior
Chris the Warrior
Chris the Sorcerer
Chris Kenney the Monk
Christian O. De la Colina Garcia the Warrior
Christopher Richardson the Berserker
Cody Edwards the Ranger
Cory the Sorcerer
Cyborg the Draconian
Dahal the Fighter
Damien the Barbarian
Daniel the Cleric
Daniel Velocci the Sorcerer
Daniel the Dwarf
Daniel the Fighter
Dark the Elf
Darkfire Dragon the Warrior
David the Warrior
Delphine the Dungeon Master
Derek the Warrior
Devan the Warrior
Devin K the Warrior
Devon the Assassin
Dione the Druid/Ranger
DJ Muir the Dungeon Master
Dragon_Master the Warrior
Drew the Wizard
Dylan the Mage
Emily the Rogue || SEVENGEM.NET
Eric the Bard
Eric the Warrior
Ethan the Warrior
Etienne Bidalle the Sorcerer
Firecaster the Mage
Fred the Sorcerer
Frogmage the Sorcerer
Gazoo the Cleric
Georgia the Ranger || HELLOJED.NET

Gianluca Dibadj the Sorcerer
Hero Link the Warrior
Hoopie the Cleric
Hwesta the Sorcerer || HWESTA'S HIDEAWAY
Jacques the Druid
Jake the Sorcerer
James the Warrior
Jason the Rogue
Jason the Elf Warlord
Jason the Ranger
Javid the Warrior
Jay the Warrior
Jeff the Dragon
Jeremy the Cleric
Jeremy Ay the Dungeon Master
Jesse H the Warrior
Jessica C the Cleric
Joel F the Samurai
John the Warrior
Jonathan the Mage
Jonny Little the Ranger/Rogue
Joseph the Sorcerer
Joseph the Sorcerer
Justin the Dragon
Justin T the Rogue
Kaminiko the Halfling Ranger || BRAIN VOMIT
Kandola the Warrior
Karatematt the Cleric
Katherine the Sorcerer || DUNGEON MASTERS
Kazameer the Wizard
Kelly Steels the Fighter
Kevin the Thief
Kevinthebest the Sorcerer
Killon the Warrior
Klane the Warrior
Ky the Warrior
Kyle the Assassin
Kyle R the Necromancer Wizard
Leland the Ranger
Laurent Chagnon-Friolet the Illusionist
Len the Warrior
Lina the Sorcerer || WHIRLWIND
Lisa the Thief || MANEKI-NEKO
Liz the Ranger || THIS HEART O MINE
Luc G the Warrior
Luna the Mage  
Magnus the Fighter
Mandi the Cleric || MIOTAS
Marlee the Bard || MONTREAL
Master Dartz the Warrior
Matthew the Dark Elf
Max the Monk
Max the Human Rogue
Melody the Sorcerer
Meron the Warrior
Micheal the Cleric/Ranger
Michiko the Sorcerer || NEKOPOP NETWORK
Mike the Ranger
Mike B the Elf
Misty the Rogue || UNIDEALISTIC

Morik the Thief
Neon12 the Elf
Nick the Sorcerer
Nikkii the Rogue
Nofobe the Warrior
Osiris the Druid
Patrick the Warrior
Paul the Wizard
Perry B the Rogue/Dread Pirate
Philip the Sorcerer
Randommagic the Sorcerer
Raymond the Sorcerer
Robin the Warrior
Ross the Barbarian/Cleric
Roxi the Druid  || ROXI
Ryan the Wizard
Ryan the Sorcerer
Ryan the Sorcerer
Ryan the Warrior
Saige-Rochelle the Dungeon Master
Sami the Ninja
Sara the Sorcerer || DROP DEAD
Scott the Bard
Scott Black the Rogue
Sean the Sorcerer
Sebastian Liu the Minotaur
Shanara Moonlight the Druid
Sholen the Warrior
Siren the Elven Ranger/Druid || UNE
Sooley the Sorcerer
Squart the Scout
Sterling Y the Sorcerer
Sword Master the Warrior
Tin the Sorcerer
Travis the Sorcerer
Turgon the Cleric
Tyler the Warrior
Tyler B the Dwarven Defender
Tyler W the Warrior
Vage the Mercenary
Vince the Wizard
Vincent G the Sorcerer
Wayne the Warrior
Wilson the Warrior
Zachary the Cleric
Zero Space the Sorcerer Rogue

Andy the Bard
Cissy the Paladin || THE ART OF BLAH
Pannyd the Warrior

Luis P the Rogue Ranger

Bahamut the Dungeon Master || EL MAZO
Raymond the Ranger

Diablo the Werewolf
Marin V the Fighting Monk
Nikola the Cleric
Silk the Sorcerer/Rogue
Tony the Warrior

Arko the Alasdawn Cleric

Nicolai the Monk
P'tara the Wizard

Aaron C the Bard
Aceman321 the Warrior
Adam the Warrior
Adam the Druid
Adam the Demon
Adam Rush
Adrian Mo the Paladin
Aidatron the Warrior
Akshay the Warrior
Albie Bn the Warrior
Alex the Wizard
Alex B the Dungeon Master
Alexander the Warrior
Alfie the Cleric
Ally the Halfling || ORIGINALLY.ORG
Ameer the Archer
Andrew the Sorcerer
Anthony the Dungeon Master
Arron C the Dungeon Master
Ashley the Sorcerer
Ashley the Warrior
Bayzy the Dungeon Master
Ben the Dungeon Master
Ben the Rogue Ranger/Bard
Ben the Dungeon Master
Ben the Sorcerer
Ben the Sorcerer
Ben M the Hero
Bez the Warrior
Blue Wolf the Warrior
Cade the Rogue
Caine C the Bard
Callum the Sorcerer
Cara the Sorcerer
Cd the Scout
Chipmiester the Warrior
Chloe the Dungeon Master
Conan the Warrior
Count D the Monk
Craig the Warrior
Damo the Paladin || URBANE AZRAEL
Daniel the Warrior
Danny B the Bard
Darkleighence the Archer
Darryl S the Bard
Daryl the Sorcerer
Dave the Dungeon Master
David the Wizard
David the Wizard
David R the Rogue
David T the Warrior
Deathoros the Sorcerer
Draigon the Sorcerer
Drago Solaris the Assasin/Necromancer
Dragonheart the Warrior
Drew James the Pale Master
Duggan the Dungeon Master
Emma the Rogue
Faith the Warrior
Finalman2 the Sorcerer
Flynn the Sorcerer
Futter the Warrior
H the Female Elf Druid
Hagmere the Wizard
Hannah the Dungeon Master || PITSTRAIGHT.NET
Harry the Thief
Hellmet the Sorcerer
Jack the Wizard Healer
Jake the Warrior
James T the Elvan Sorcerer
James the Warrior
James the Warrior
Jamie the Barbarian
Jamie S the Dungeon Master
Jan the Sorcerer || UNTITLED
JL the Elf
Joe the Warrior
Joe Webb the Barbarian
John the Warrior
John L the Ranger
Jon the Warrior
Jordan the Warrior
Jordan K the Warrior
Josh the Gamer
Josh the Warrior
Josh B the Wizard
Joshua the Rogue
Kais-434 the Cleric
the Cleric
Kevin the Cleric
Kidcraze the Sorcerer
Kim the Cleric
King Mick the Warrior
Kristos the Warrior
Kyle the Warrior
Laurence S the Warrior
Leanne the Sorceress
Leo the Druid
Liam the Sorcerer
Liam the Warrior
Linford the Warrior
Manadar the Warrior
Marc the Sorcerer
Marc the Bounty Hunter
Mark the Warrior
Martin the Sorcerer
Mary the Warrior
Mastermined the Warrior
Mat the Shadow Adept
Matt the Warrior
Matthew the Sorcerer
Matty the Warrior
Mert J the Cleric
Michael E the Bowman
Mick S the Battle Cleric
Mike the Cleric
Nathan the Dungeon Master
Nick the Hexblade
Nova Diablo the Dungeon Master
Omegasion the Warrior  
Owen the Weapon Master
Patrin de Menora the Paladin
Peter H the Magic User
Peter O the Cleric
Phil Roe the Dungeon Master
Raven the Warrior
Rick the Ranger
Rick the Warrior
Rob the Warrior
Robert the Druid
Robert N the Paladin
Rockz the Sorcerer
Ryan the Sorcerer
Ryan W the Warrior
Sam the Barbarian
Scott P the Rogue Wizard
Sean B the Thief
Sean J the Necromancer
Seth Snape the Rogue
Shadoe the Rogue
Shaun the Sorcerer
Sheesa the Thief Mage
Sneds the Cleric
SpikeGD the Gunslinger
Stacey J the Warrior
Stefan P the Ranger
Stephen V the Summoner
Steven J the Ranger
Subzero the Warrior
Tapiwa the Dungeon Master
Terence the Sorcerer
Thor the Sorcerer
Thorin the Dwarf
Vjb the Warrior
Wiccanrules3 the Sorcerer
Will D the Invoker

Marek the Neutral Good half-elven Cleric/Rogue
Mehis the Demi-Elven Wizard Illusionist


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