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And they should be for when she reaches her twenty first birthday she will come into her full powers.  She is also protected by her Guardians, who are also part of her band, and together they battle the creatures of the night.

African American rock star Damali Richards was born to fight the forces of darkness. Some call her the Slayer, Huntress, but no matter the name she is the Neteru and evil fears her. Together she and her Guardians, who are her family and part of her band, battle the creatures of the night.  There was one guardian that got away though, who chose to walk a dark path...a path that lead him away from the woman he loved, Carlos Rivera. He was a criminal and a drug lord before he was turned into a powerful master vampire with a seat on the vampire council. He should be Damali's enemy, but instead her love redeemed him and he now he fights with her.

This series of books blends a steamy romance, non-stop action, and urban fantasy adventure into a fabulous horror tale. The story line is fast-paced, but the truly beautiful part is Damali and Carlo's journey to redemption through love as they battle  seemingly invincible evil. Some would call it Blade meets Buffy. I call it amazing.



To Neteru, the approved fanlisting for the amazing Vampire Huntress series of books by L.A. Banks. This is version 1.0 featuring the lovely artwork from The Bitten. More about fanlistings or Damali?  


Love the books.  Love Damali.  No direct linking on the codes. Fill out the form completely. You link, I link.



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