Famous Courtesans


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Courtesans. Once upon a time it was the oldest form on feminine independence.  Once upon a time courtesans were the most powerful and most learned women in the world.

Some of the oldest women in history were courtesans: Madame de Chatelet, the famed mistress of Voltaire who translated Newton's Principia into French; Diane de Poitiers, the courtesan of King Henry II, who was responsible for ushering the Renaissance into France; Madame de Pompadour, one of the most well known courtesans; the long line of the geisha of Kyoto; the devidasi of India and the hetairai of ancient Greece who strongly influenced the philosophers and rhetoriticians of their time.
Courtesans were some of the most educated women of their time.  They were taught languages, philosophy and most often were some of the only women allowed into a library. They were well mannered and attractive, trained to be smart, sexy and entertaining.  The best courtesans were those that could win patrons that desired her company and wit more than her body. These women were called honest courtesans.
This fanlisting is for those women.  You do not have to have a website to join, you don't even have to have an email address, you just have to love courtesans. That's all, but you should read the rules real quick before you join
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