To 'The Place of Lost' , the approved fanlisting for the hilarious filmette the Blair Thumb by Steve Oedekerk.  So you love this film?  Do you quote it endlessly? Do you wish you knew Thumby? Then this fanlisting is for you. Never heard of a fanlisting before though? Well, A fanlisting is a place for all the fans of a particular show, movie, actor, actress, singer, etc. to come together and build the biggest listing of people all around the world who are fans of that subject. Now this fanlisting is for all those that love Jish, Stressy and Vic.  You do not have to have a website to join, you don't even have to have an email address, you just have to be a fan.  

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[extras] Then get lost

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February 14th, 2010

This site is a tempest production by Rissa.  You thieve, I will send The Blair Thumb after you and you may get broken up...little bit.  If you're lucky it will be after a pre-death jam.  But if you want help or want to say hi or mention a boo boo, please contact me. Online since: May 30th, 2005

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Welcome to The Place of Lost, the approved fanlisting for the Blair Thumb.

Lost, stupid, and really, really scared, Stressy turns the camera on herself and whimpers, "I don't know where this snot is coming from because I don't have a nose." Well no, she doesn't, because she's the star of Steve Oedekerk's surreal all-thumbs parody of The Blair Witch Project. Three camera-wielding digits get lost in the forest, fight off a shark attack in their tent ("It could have been a deer ," Stressy hopefully offers), and relentlessly film every moment of their blind panic. This bizarre spoof has it all over the recent rash of parodies: it's shorter (under half an hour) and sillier, and it stars Jaws, Frankenstein's monster, and a handful of talking thumbs with squished-together eyes, run-amok eyebrows, and overactive mouths spewing nonstop nonsense. And it's pretty darn funny to boot.

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Quick Rules.  Be a fan.  Why else would you be here.  You do not have to have a website, but if you do give me your URL via the form...grab a code to link back. Do not direct link the button though (save it to your own server) You link, I link.  It is that simple and that fair.  It is allowed to make your own buttons. Just please take a minute to send them to me, so I can put them up here and give you proper credits. Fill in the form correctly, giving me a proper email address and your country.  See not that hard.

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Caitlin Savard || Mallow, baby! Marsh baby! Marsh Mallow!

Becca || Oh Spit man Oh Spit, Were LOST!
Rissa || TEMPEST || There are two things he's not.  A woman and a half a body guy!
Rob Roman || Dude, be straight, be true ... what is shakin' and bakin' here?


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Vic: Aw, spit, man, spit!

[while being attacked by a shark in their tent]
Vic: Take the girl just leave us alone!

Vic: "I'm so glad it's not me."

[Day after shark attack]
Stressy: Maybe it wasn't a shark, maybe it was a deer
Vic: A deer? I hate to break it to you but deers don't have dorsal fins or friggin' razor-sharp teeth

Frankenthumb: I sorry. I got bad brain. Not help it.
Vic: What did you do to Jish?
Frankenthumb: Oh. He got broken up a little bit.
Vic: Um sir, can we go?
Frankenthumb: No. I monster, must kill. We party first?

Fisherman #1: Oh. The Blair Thumb? Scary stuff.
Fisherman #2: Tell her what you heard!
Fisherman #1: Okay. There were these two twins. The Briarly Twins. I think they were twins.
Fisherman #2: Twins that look alike!
Fisherman #1: They went into the woods. They'd been there hundreds of times but this time they got lost! Couldn't find their way. Then they saw this woman. She was up in the air, flllloating.
Fisherman #1: She took their heads and switched 'em. Like it was a sick game. And then she took their bodies, she switched 'em too. They came back lookin' like they's the same. But we all knew they'd been all switched up!

Trailer Trash Thumb: A lot of kids were disappearing in the woods, all mysterious like. And people thought it might be... David Copperfield. In a stage show, he took a llama and put it in a box. He closed the box and spinned it around. He opened up the box. There's no llama! And you don't see that every day, there's a llama here, llama gone. llama, no llama. Just chills you to the bones!

Stressy: I am so scared right now! This is all my fault. I'm so alone. I just want to apologize to Jish's mom. Jish is dismembered and everything. And to Vic's mom. Vic is really freaked out right now. I love you Mom and Dad... and Ricky Martin. I'm scared to close my eyes! I'm scared to open them! I'm scared to squint. I'm scared to cross them. Maybe I could cross them.
[crosses her eyes]

"Hit it on the nose!"
"It's called the snout!"
"No! That just pisses him off, don't you watch the Discovery Channel!?"
"I don't have cable!"

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