Based on the bestseller by Marion Zimmer Bradley, the Mists of Avalon tells the story of the women behind King Arthur;  including his mother, Igraine; his half-sister, Morgaine; his aunt Viviane, the Lady of the Lake; and his wife, Gwenwyfar. As Viviane, the Lady of the Lake, Anjelica Huston endeavors to perpetuate the old religion as pagan Britain comes into contact with Christianity. The scheming Morgause, played to evil perfection by Joan Allen, conspires to her own ends. And Avalon priestess Morgaine, played by Julianna Margulies, travels the heroine's journey, overcoming tragedies, injustice, and all manner of obstacles in her duty to both "the goddess" and her younger brother, King Arthur. Although the action lags at times, the production is quite lavish for a made-for-television feature and the film is ultimately entertaining.


Anjelica Huston - Viviane
Julianna Margulies - Morgaine
Joan Allen - Morgause
Samanatha Mathis - Gwenwyfar
Caroline Goodall - Igraine
Edward Atterton - Arthur
Michael Vartan - Lancelot
Michael Byrne - Merlin
Hans Matheson - Mordred
Mark Lewis Jones - Uther
Clive Russell - Gorlois




Memorable Quotes:

Morgaine: No-one knows the real story of the great King Arthur of Camelot. Most of what you think you know about Camelot, Gwenhwyfar, Lancelot and the evil sorceress known as Morgaine le Fay, is nothing but lies. I should know, for I am Morgaine le Fay, priestess of the Isle of Avalon, where the ancient religion of the Mother Goddess was born.

Viviane: No man or woman can live another's fate.

Igraine: Think, before you strike me, Gorlois. Or I will teach you that a daughter of the holy isle is a servant of no man.


Viviane: Morgause thinks of nothing and no-one but herself.
Morgaine: Your motives may be nobler than hers, but you still move us around like pieces on a game board. What has my mother given up for your Avalon? My father died at Uther's hands because of you. My poor innocent brother Arthur, who was a baby on my lap, and loved me as no other! And I loved him! Look what you've done to us. You've twisted our love, and turned it into shame, all for the sake of Avalon! No! I will not kill the child within me, but I will not let you take him to Avalon! I will not let you twist and bend him to your will!
Viviane: I can train him to be the greatest ruler Britain has ever seen.
Morgaine: He will never set foot in Avalon, Viviane! He will not be one of your pawns, and nor will I!
Viviane: You have sworn to obey the Goddess through me!
Morgaine: My vows were to her, not to you. I renounce you! Do you hear me? I will never set foot in Avalon again!


Lancelot: Would it not be a comfort, just for a time, to believe that we create our own Heavens, and our own Hells?